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As a food service establishment owner, you understand the importance of proper kitchen maintenance to ensure your business stays up and running efficiently. Part of that is ensuring your grease trap remains clean and functional.

Anyone who has ever worked in a restaurant, diner, or cafe knows cooking all day produces large volumes of grease. The grease, fats, and oils produced by cooking can easily build up and clog a restaurant's pipes if not for one thing: grease traps.

Florida home and business owners know there is much to prepare for ahead of hurricane season, but not everyone knows how to protect their septic system.

Before adding a new patio or deck to your home, you're likely to have many questions. Check out our guide to building a porch or deck over your septic system!

It can seem difficult to determine how to conceal your septic tank to make your property more attractive. Check out our guide on how to conceal your septic tank!

Nothing other than septic-safe toilet paper should be disposed of in your plumbing system. Anything else, including items labeled as “flushable,” should not be flushed.