The Holiday Toll On Your Septic System

Winter is a very special season when we invite friends and family members into our home to gather warmth, joy, and lots of food. Hosting for the holidays can be a highly stressful endeavor with all the planning, preparation, and time involved. The last thing you want is for your septic system to fail amidst the seasonal chaos, particularly if your home is the gathering place for loved ones. While it's wonderful to celebrate among loved ones, the increased use can take a real toll on your septic system.

At Jones Plumbing & Septic Tank Service, we understand the importance of having a septic system that runs smoothly, especially during festivities. Here, our Florida septic tank experts discuss the toll of the holiday overuse on your septic tank system and what you can do to minimize the impact. Call our Florida septic plumbers today to learn about our comprehensive solutions and schedule septic service for your property!


How Holiday Overuse Affects Your Septic Tank

Hosting gatherings in your home means a significant increase in water usage. From more frequent toilet flushes and showers to extra loads of laundry and dishwasher cycles, your water usage will skyrocket when friends and family are staying over. All of this increased demand can overwhelm your septic system, and if this overwhelm isn't properly managed with professional septic tank service, it can send your system into a tailspin. All that extra water flowing into your septic tank can affect your system's ability to effectively treat the wastewater produced, while excessive water can result in slow drainage, potential failures, and backups.

How To Minimize The Impact On Your Septic System

There are several things you can do to minimize the impact of increased usage on your septic system. You should ensure that guests are aware of all the items on the "do not flush" list. Many people may not know that certain items, such as sanitary wipes, feminine products, or anything other than human waste and septic-approved toilet paper, should not be flushed down the toilet.

You should also educate them on how to use water efficiently and how your septic system works, so they can avoid overwhelming it with overuse. Ideally, you'll want to schedule septic tank cleaning and pumping before holiday gatherings to avoid any issues. Be sure to do any food prep and other water-intensive cooking ahead of time and reduce extra water use from the laundry, dishwasher, and showers several days before high-use. Another option for those hosting large parties is to rent a portable restroom to avoid negative consequences to your septic system. Finally, you should ensure the external inputs to your system are routed away from the drain field.

Schedule Septic Tank Service In Florida

By making certain adjustments to your planned usage of your septic system, you can have a carefree winter-season celebration and host without having to worry about having to deal with a septic emergency. If you plan on having guests stay in your home, then give Jones Plumbing & Septic Tank Service a call to perform any necessary septic tank repairs and to have your tank pumped ahead of time to avoid overuse, backups, and possible drain field failures. If you have any questions about our septic services or you want to schedule services, please give us a call!