4 Signs Of A Septic Tank Problem

Septic tanks make homes livable by treating wastewater in the plumbing systems. But if a system isn’t maintained, it can develop several problems. These not only disrupt your life but also lead to expensive repairs and sometimes even health and environmental concerns. However, intervening early limits negative consequences, which is why our septic tank services company suggests keeping an eye out for these four warning signs.

1. Gurgling Bathroom Pipes

There are the usual sounds associated with flushing a toilet or running water in a sink or shower, and then there is the unfamiliar gurgling noise that indicates a close-to-full septic tank. Technicians can pump the tank as part of routine septic system maintenance. But when the tank is neglected and becomes too full, the consequences can be messy. For example, a full tank will struggle to digest solid waste, which may cause that sewage to breach the tank and reach the surface of the ground. So don’t delay when you hear an odd gurgle — call Jones Plumbing & Septic Tank Service and schedule a septic tank cleanout.

Septic Tank Repair In Gainesville, FL

2. Sewage On The Ground's Surface

Everyone knows that sewage on your lawn is a bad sign. But calling a technician is usually required to pinpoint the source and is always required to fix the issue.

Sewage seeping through the ground above the drainage field indicates a full septic tank. The appearance of wastewater elsewhere on the yard might signal another problem, such as a broken pipe. In either case, immediately call a technician. Avoid making the problem worse by limiting the use of the plumbing system until a professional has evaluated the situation.

If you spot sewage on the lawn, the first impulse may be to clean it and prevent damage to the grass or landscaping. However, sewage can carry diseases that are transferable to humans through direct exposure. So steer clear of the mess until a technician informs you of the safest cleanup method.

3. Bad Odors Around The Home

Wastewater has an unmistakable odor that leaves a lasting impression on anyone who encounters it. But even if you're unfamiliar with how a leaking septic system smells, you'll undoubtedly recognize that the pungent aroma isn’t natural and thus indicates a problem.

The odor can be found indoors when sewage backs up into the plumbing, which may happen during innocuous activities such as running the washing machine. Or the smell may arise outdoors from areas of the lawn located above the pipes or leaching field. But no matter where the source of the scent originates, the solution is usually a septic tank clean out.

4. Slow Draining Water

Your first presumption when water drains slowly in the sink or bathtub may be a blocked pipe. And you'd probably be correct, except there's another possible explanation: a clogged septic system. Flushing materials down the toilet that shouldn’t be there interferes with the system's digestive processes, creating a sewage backup that affects the entire plumbing system. The easiest way to avoid such problems is to be careful about which materials you flush — if the substance is not human waste or toilet paper, remember to discard it in a trashcan; not a toilet.

Whether a problem requires a plumber or septic system technician, Jones Plumbing & Septic Tank Service handles both types of issues. We have the tools and expertise to pinpoint and repair the problem, usually in one service appointment. We also address a full range of septic tank services in Gainesville. Whether you’ve spotted signs of a problem or just realized your septic system is overdue for maintenance, contact us today.