Should You Buy A House With A Septic System?

Buying a new home is no easy undertaking. Aside from browsing through dozens of real estate listings and scheduling multiple showings, most home shoppers often need to decide between a handful of potential candidates based on things such as location, their family’s needs, price, and features.

One factor that is commonly overlooked by home buyers is the home’s wastewater system. Does the home use a sewage system or a septic tank? Both offer their own pros and cons but a septic system may be the better choice for some families.

Not sure which wastewater management system is right for you? Here are some reasons to consider a septic tank over a home sewage system. Once you’ve made the decision to go septic, contact Jones Plumbing & Septic Tank Service to request septic tank services.

Couple Deciding On A House With A Septic System

The Pros

Private Waste Management

Unlike a sewage system, which services all homes within the block or neighborhood, a septic tank serves only the property it is on. This means that septic tank owners don’t have to rely on their town or city’s waste management authority for maintenance and repairs. Instead, living with a septic tank allows homeowners to tailor their wastewater and drainage system to their household’s needs, budget, and schedule.

No Municipal Sewer Fees

When using a municipal sewer system, homeowners must pay a utility bill to their local government for wastewater management. While these fees may not seem costly when compared to utility bills for electricity and water, they can quickly add up over time. On the other hand, households with a septic tank don’t owe any wastewater management fees to their local governments, saving homeowners valuable time and money.

Durable. Reliable.

When properly installed and maintained, a home septic system can last 40 years or longer. Septic tanks also require as little as one inspection every year, for small households. In addition, because septic tanks are privately owned, homeowners don’t have to wait for their town or city’s wastewater management authorities to remediate issues with their systems. Instead, septic tank owners may schedule septic tank services with us right away!

The Cons

You Have To Use Less Water

This may not be entirely a bad thing. In general, septic tanks can not handle the same amount of sewage that sewage systems can handle. This means that septic tank owners must control how much water they and their families use throughout the day. But, don’t worry. You will still be able to use plenty of water for daily chores, washing, and cleaning when using a septic system.

On the upside, living with a septic tank can make people more aware of their water consumption, develop healthy habits, and encourage them to protect the environment by using less water.

Forget About Flushing Trash Away

This can be considered more of an opportunity to develop good habits than a con. While all wastewater systems are susceptible to sewage backups when dealing with non-flushable material, septic tanks are especially vulnerable, as they are generally smaller than sewage systems and, as such, are less adept at handling non-dissolvable waste, such as cotton balls, wipes, household chemicals, and oils, among other waste items.

To keep a septic tank in optimal condition, be mindful of what you flush and keep trash away from the drains.

If you are unsure about the type and size of the septic tank your home needs, contact us right away to help you find the right system for you and your family.