Plumber Or Septic Tank Company? Who Should I Call?

A clogged drain is inarguably a valid reason to complain. However, if your drains are backed up, there could be a number of issues at stake, some of which may not be immediately obvious. But how do you know if you should call a plumber or a septic service company? You might be surprised to learn that there is a big difference between the two professions and that, contrary to what it may seem, they’re not interchangeable.

Plumbers specialize in the piping system throughout your house. Working with your home’s water supply, they can install or repair pipes, faucets, garbage disposals, toilets, and water heaters. Septic companies, on the other hand, deal with the septic system outside of your home. This primarily revolves around the septic tank, which handles your wastewater.

Plumber & Septic Tank Professional

Knowing who to call when you have trouble can save you time and money. Keep reading for tips from our septic company on how to know which service to call. If it turns out you need septic tank services, trust the expertise of Jones Plumbing & Septic Tank Service to help!

Count How Many Drains Are Backed Up

You might have noticed the problem in the kitchen sink first, but are there any other fixtures that are backing up? Check all of the toilets, sinks, and bathtubs in the house to see if there are similar issues with any of them. If multiple fixtures are backed up, your problem is more likely with the septic tank. If only one fixture is backed up, you should probably call a plumber. However, if the issues are on the ground level or near the septic tank, that might still be a septic issue.

How Old Is The Septic System?

Just like anything else, the septic system in your home wears down over time. Typically, you can expect the septic system to last approximately 25 years, but this can be affected by different factors such as usage, household size, and whether or not routine maintenance has been performed. If the septic tank is new, you’re probably safe calling a plumber. However, if the tank is old, it’s time to call a septic company. If you’re unsure of the septic system’s age, a professional septic technician can inspect it to give you an approximation.

Check The Septic System Cleanout

To check the septic system cleanout, find the short PVC pipe between your house and the tank, which usually sticks out slightly or is sometimes level with the ground. Remove the cap and look down into the cleanout. If there’s no standing water, that means that there’s an issue between the cleanout and the house, and a plumber should be called. If there’s standing water, it can mean one of two things: there’s a block between the cleanout and the tank (call a plumber) or the septic tank is overflowing (call a septic company).

Knowing more about your septic tank and how to take care of it is essential for the long-term function of your septic tank. For more professional tips, check out the homeowner’s guide to septic systems from Jones Plumbing & Septic Tank Service. If you have any issues or concerns about your septic system, contact us!