How To Tell If Your Septic System Needs Repair Or Replacement

Most home and business owners who use a septic system usually don't think about their septic system unless an issue arises. Jones Plumbing & Septic Tank Service provides high-quality septic system installations, maintenance, and repairs. We'll help you determine if a new septic system is in your future — call us today to schedule septic tank services!

Common Indicators Of Septic System Repair

How To Tell If Your Septic System Needs Repair Or Replacement

A septic system is bound to need repairs and it’s important to schedule for necessary repairs to be addressed as soon as the issue presents itself. By being proactive, it’s hopeful that you’ll extend the longevity of your septic system.

Slow Drains

If the drains begin to slow — or clog — then there's likely a septic system issue. Remember that a septic system relies on clear pipes and plumbing to function properly so ignoring a slow drain could cause a chain of events requiring a major repair.

Sewage Backups

The purpose of drains is to carry away waste, so if it comes back as backed up sewage, you need emergency septic service. While regular tank pump-outs generally help avoid this situation, a sudden backup signals a problem.

Putrid Odors

The more waste — solid and liquid — that accumulates in the septic tank, the more noticeable the related odors will be. Yet, if the odors suddenly appear, there may be a clog in the plumbing which will affect the entire system.

Common Types Of Septic Tank Repairs

Distribution Box

In most septic systems, the distribution box is the name for where the drain field pipes connect to the tank. Since it’s responsible for evenly dispersing liquid waste into the pipes, if the distribution box collapses or is otherwise damaged, too much or too little liquid can enter the drain field. Depending on the age of the system, the box may be made from concrete which is subject to degradation from gases inside the septic tank.

Defective Septic Tank Seal

All septic tanks are sealed to prevent waste and byproducts, such as toxic gases, from escaping. Yet over time, the seal may begin to crack, whether because of physical or natural, weathering damage to the tank. Every septic system maintenance check-up should include a thorough examination of the seal and appropriate repairs, if necessary.

Damaged Pipes

Damage to septic tank pipes can occur if an animal burrows deep enough to access and damage septic pipes or a vehicle drives or parks over a system. Additionally, tree roots can grow too close to a septic system, causing damage.

Warning Signs Of Septic Tank Replacement

Though most septic systems last several decades, septic tank companies such as Jones Plumbing & Septic Tank Service know how to tell when a system needs to be replaced. Below are the most common signs indicative of system replacement that we see.

Puddles Form In The Yard Overnight

Puddles or swampy patches in the yard that appear overnight are common warning signs it's time to replace the septic system. The basic function of every system is to move wastewater through the drain field where it then percolates into the surrounding soil. Clogs or breaks in the piping or a cracked tank impede water from flowing through, instead, the water gradually rises to the surface.

Household Size Has Increased

How many people regularly contribute to the septic system determines how big the tank is. If your household size has increased — or if you’re buying a home with a smaller than recommended tank — the system should be upgraded to handle the added demands.

System Needs Frequent Repairs

As with all repairs, there comes a point when the cost of frequent repairs exceeds replacing the system. Plus, repeated repairs usually signals a failing system that will need to be replaced soon.

Well Water Is Contaminated

Most septic system inspections include water quality testing for wells and other potable water sources. If contaminants such as bacteria and/or nitrates are found, and a septic system is nearby, the focus will shift to checking the septic system for leaks. Addressing any contamination immediately is crucial to prevent or reduce environmental and health impacts.

Inspection Reveals An Incorrect Tank

The only way to know if the current septic tank is appropriate for your area is with an inspection. Most systems are gravity-fed and unless the tank was installed at an adequate soil depth, gravity is unable to effectively move waste. Depending on other factors such as soil structure, our technicians can determine what style of septic tank would best suit the location and your needs.

Jones Plumbing & Septic Tank Services is dedicated to providing high-quality service. We have over 30 years of experience in diagnosing, repairing and replacing septic systems. If you experience septic system malfunction, call us to get your system up and running again!