How Do You Know If You Have A Septic Problem?

Clogged toilets, sluggish shower drains, and backed-up sinks are all incredibly frustrating inconveniences no business or homeowner wants to deal with. Worse yet, if you discover one of these problems and have a septic system, you may be unsure whether the issue requires the services of a plumber or septic tank company. Below, we outline a few ways home, and business owners can discern whether a backup is caused by septic or plumbing problems.

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How To Tell If A Backup Is Caused By Septic Or Plumbing Problems

Listen For Gurgling Noises

Abnormal sounds from your plumbing systems could indicate plumbing or septic issues, but there is a specific sound that’s a dead giveaway: gurgling noises. If you hear a gurgling, bubbling sound from your toilet or shower drain, that’s a telltale sign you need septic services. Think of gurgling sounds as your septic system's way of asking for help and when you hear it, contact our professional technicians for service!

Check How Many Drains Are Backed Up

Perhaps you first noticed the problem in your kitchen sink, but have you noticed any other backed-up fixtures? Inspect your house's toilets, sinks, and bathtubs to see if any of them have the same problem. The septic tank is likely to be the source of your problem if multiple fixtures are backed up. It is probably best to call a plumber if only one fixture in your home is backed up. However, if the issues occur on the ground level or near the septic tank, that might still be a septic issue.

Inspect The Yard

If you’re noticing drainage problems in the home but aren’t sure whether they are due to plumbing or septic issues, take some time to survey your yard. If you come across a soggy patch above your septic tank or notice the scent of sewage in the air, your septic system could be overflowing. An overflowing septic tank requires the service of experience septic tank technicians. Contact us today for septic tank cleaning services!

Consider Your Septic System's Age

As with anything else, your septic system will wear down over time. The average septic system lasts approximately 25 years, but this can be affected by many factors, such as usage, household size, and routine maintenance. You're probably safe calling a plumber if the septic tank is new and well-maintained. However, if the tank is old, you may need to call a septic company. The age of your septic system can be approximated by a professional septic technician if you aren't sure.