3 Ways Septic Tank Maintenance Saves Money

One of the easiest ways to save money is also among the least obvious: septic tank maintenance. Unless you work in the plumbing and septic tank industry, you probably don’t have many reasons to think about your home’s septic tank — unless there’s an unwelcome stench. But the money-saving power of septic maintenance should give you a second reason. More specifically, here are three ways that paying for septic tank maintenance now can keep more cash in your pocket later on.

1. Avoid Major Septic Repairs

Septic tanks use pipes to transport waste from the household to the tank and then to the drain field. The fact that these pipes are subterranean means they’re reasonably protected from the elements, but also costly to replace. All it takes to break a pipe is one rogue tree root colliding with a pipe. This broken pipe can create a roughly $1,500 repair. Through regular maintenance and inspections, technicians can spot these risks early to prevent such a hefty repair.

Septic Tank Maintenance In Gainesville, FL

Drain fields are land reserves designated for wastewater. Once treated by anaerobic digestion in the septic tank, the remaining wastewater is transported to the drain fields (leach fields), where it percolates through coarse soils. This process extricates any remaining waste from the water, which then reenters the water cycle. An unmaintained septic tank won’t break down the solid waste, which will end up at the drain field. Soon the field becomes clogged, and the result is a big mess that requires a new drain field to be dug at an estimated price of between $7,000 and $20,000. Routine maintenance can prevent a leach field clog and septic tank overflow.

2. Prevent Unnecessary Medical Treatment Costs

Pick a letter of the alphabet at random, and chances are there’s at least one disease beginning with that letter that can be caused by exposure to sewage. Hepatitis A, Gastroenteritis, Typhoid Fever —  these are just a few of the numerous diseases that can be caused by the ingestion of sewage-contaminated water, let alone exposure to raw sewage. Now, coming into contact with sewage isn’t a concern when a septic tank is well maintained. It’s only neglected, mistreated septic systems that develop serious problems capable of leaking toxic sewage near humans. If there is a leak already present, a technician can spot this during an inspection and before the sewage penetrates the water supply and wreaks havoc.

Ultimately, health and wellness are bigger concerns than money. But the financial realities of becoming ill with a serious disease from sewage exposure (such as medical and insurance bills, medications, and treatment costs) are quite a burden. That’s why septic tanks should be inspected regularly as part of a preventative maintenance schedule. Any first signs of leaked sewage should be brought immediately to the attention of our septic service company in Gainesville, FL. It’s never worth risking one’s health.

3. Stop Damaging Environmental Issues

The environment plays a pivotal role in the function of septic systems. Soil shields septic tanks and piping, while the earth’s lower layers perform an organic purification of the process for wastewater. Septic systems don’t always repay kindness, though. A broken pipe or clogged drain field can produce sewage backup that reaches to the surface of the ground and damages living organisms, especially plant life.

The tragedy of a polluted environment stands alone. But the financial costs of sewage leaks become apparent, as well, when you have landscaping on property near a septic system. Wastewater near or at ground level can kill trees, grass, and flowers. Remedying the situation is likewise dramatic. First, you’d have to schedule septic tank repairs; then, replace any damaged landscaping.

An inadequately maintained septic system can require serious and costly repairs, damage the health of people or the environment around the system, or both. And while the worst isn’t guaranteed to happen, it’s more likely because of a lack of maintenance. So do your wallet a favor; invest in routine maintenance to avoid bigger, costlier septic system problems down the road. Call Jones Plumbing & Septic Tank Service to schedule septic tank maintenance today!