Gainesville Septic Tank Services

From new septic tank installations to septic tank repair in Gainesville, Jones Plumbing & Septic Tank Service is the full-service septic company you can count on. Using current methods, techniques, and information, our technicians provide quality craftsmanship and professional service on every call.

Common Causes For Septic Tank Problems

Most septic tanks and septic systems go years without problems provided the tank and system are properly maintained. But through the years, Jones Plumbing & Septic Tank Service has seen these three common causes for septic tank problems.

Kitchen Garbage Disposal

Many homes have a garbage disposal in the kitchen including those with septic systems. Except the garbage disposal is a frequent culprit in septic tank problems. Though the septic tank has bacteria and enzymes to break down the solids and other waste that enter, a garbage disposal puts too much food waste into the tank.

Too Much Water Usage

Wastewater from your home flows into and through the septic system and too much can overload the system. Repairing leaky plumbing, using low-flow water fixtures, and turning off the water when not in use, such as brushing your teeth, are all ways to reduce water usage and give your septic system a break.

Flushing Household Chemicals & Cleaners

Since the septic tank relies on natural bacteria and enzymes to break down the waste entering it, flushing or allowing household chemicals and/or cleaners to go through the system can kill off the bacteria. Without the bacteria, solids continue to build inside the tank and cause clogs and blockages in the pipes.

How Often A Septic System Needs Maintenance

There are two parts to septic system maintenance, inspection and pumping. Maintenance generally only needs to be done once every two or three years, but can be done sooner depending on the number of people living in the home.


The inspection starts by asking the homeowner about the maintenance history of the system, along with any current problems you’ve experienced, if any. These questions give us insight into how the system has been functioning. Then, mirrors, cameras, and other tools are used to look inside the septic tank and filtration components. These tools let us see any clogs, leaks, or other internal damage or issues that could be creating problems in the system’s operation.

A drainfield test is a secondary part of the inspection process. By digging holes in the ground around the system, we can see if there is standing water. If so, this is a telltale sign it’s time to schedule a septic tank maintenance in Gainesville with Jones Plumbing & Septic Tank Service.


Once the lids to the septic tank are located, we make a note of the liquid level compared to the outlet pipe. If liquid levels are below the pipe, it’s usually a sign of a tank leak. A level above the pipe can be a sign with the drainfield or pipe to the drainfield. Pumping begins with a vacuum hose which removes all liquid and solids from the tank and into our truck. Once everything is removed, the inside of the tank is thoroughly cleaned then looked over for any structural issues. If any issues are found, we’ll advise you on how to best fix the situation.

How to Avoid Future Septic Tank Issues

Having a septic tank and system for your home does take time and care, but the time and care are what it takes to avoid septic tank issues in the future.

Don’t Flush Non-Biodegradable Items

Though many products are marketed as biodegradable, many aren’t but you’re not aware of this until they clog up the septic tank and cause a septic emergency. To avoid this problem, only flush toilet paper and human waste.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Like a vehicle, regular maintenance of your home’s septic system is a great way to avoid future septic tank issues. Having Jones Plumbing & Septic Tank Service perform a Gainesville septic tank cleaning during a maintenance appointment lets us look at the inside and out of the tank and system. Our technicians look for small issues that can quickly become large and costly repairs if left unattended.

Quality Septic Service In Gainesville, FL

For more than 30 years Jones Plumbing & Septic Tank Service have been helping Gainesville, FL home and business owners keep their septic systems up-to-date and operating efficiently. Our technicians provide quality workmanship for every septic tank installation, repair, and clean-out. Whether it’s time to replace an old septic tank with a new one or schedule a maintenance and clean-out appointment, our technicians keep you in the know from start to finish. Call Jones Plumbing & Septic Tank Service today to schedule an appointment!