Cautions With Your Septic Tank After Hurricanes

In Florida, hurricanes are common. These powerful storms often cause electrical outages, food scarcity, and property damage. However, most homeowners may not be aware of the dangers hurricanes and storms can pose to their household septic system. Rain from hurricanes can overwhelm your system's drainage capability and lead to soil erosion and flooding around your tank. If not properly managed, this leaching can present an enormous health risk as sewage enters the ground and your home.

At Jones Plumbing & Septic Tank Service, our septic tank contractors are professionally trained to handle post-hurricane septic system issues. We can repair damaged components and provide quality inspections to ensure your system is safe to use. Don't neglect your septic tank after a hurricane. Contact Jones Plumbing & Septic Tank Service today to schedule expert septic tank care!

Avoid Flooded Areas

Never allow children or pets to play in flooded areas or near your home's septic tank. These areas can contain sewage leakage and waste. If children or animals are allowed to play near this sewage, they may accidentally track contaminated material into your home or car.

Because of this health risk, keeping children indoors whenever possible is best. Dogs should be walked away from septic tanks and flooding.

Limit Water Usage

Avoid using household water as much as possible. It is generally recommended to wait a bit until the yard dries and the septic tank recovers before resuming regular water consumption.

Excessive water usage after a hurricane can lead to sewage backup in your home. This unfortunate situation can quickly develop into other issues, including mold growth, unpleasant odors, and serious illnesses.

Schedule Septic Tank Maintenance

Unfortunately, hurricanes and flooding can damage the internal parts of a septic tank. Debris deposited from the storm's heavy winds can clog the tank's pipes, contributing to decreased efficiency.

At Jones Plumbing & Septic Tank Service, our septic tank plumbers can thoroughly inspect your home's septic tank for signs of damage. If a part is compromised, we can quickly resolve the issue, leaving you stress-free and with peace of mind.

If you suspect that your septic tank is damaged, don't wait. Contact Jones Plumbing & Septic Tank Service immediately to schedule a septic tank inspection.